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Klix is a new payment solution, created in Latvia. Its goal is to become the region's standard. Behind its back is one of the largest banks in Baltics - Citadele - which cares about the data and security of their customers.

What can you find at Amerify?

It's not a secret that snacking is in fact one of the life's pleasures. What can be better than proper snacks watching your favorite TV show on Netflix? Well, the fact is that Americans are really good at snacks. From popcorn seasoning to syrups and other products not typical for Europe. Come and pamper yourself today!


How many of us have gone to cinema only to pour a loud of popcorn seasoning? Most of us remember such flavors as Ranch, Butter, Cheddar with best memories.

Now you can enjoy all of it from the comfort of your couch. You'll never run out of combinations of flavors and they will never get old!


We offer sweets and snacks that are otherwise not obtainable in the US. Products that are synonymous with American culture, like Pop-Tarts, Nesquik syrups and other interesting products.

We also add new products time after time. If there is an interesting product that is not yet available, feel free to suggest it in our contacts section!